7 Easy Ways To Manage Your Period At Night

Most of the time, getting some quality shut eye is a piece of cake. But when you’ve had an evening visit from Aunt Flo, it can interfere with your rest BIGTIME. All that extra tossing and turning isn’t just in your head – 33% of women say their sleep is disturbed during their period, according to the National Sleep Foundation. That’s why we asked women across Ireland for tips that help them nod off during their flow.

 Note: Always talk to your doctor about your symptoms. The following is not meant to be medical advice, these are suggestions that worked for some women and might work for you. 


1.Take a soothing shower.

“During my period, I LOVE taking a warm shower at night. As I step out and move into my cold bedroom my body temperature drops which makes me feel drowsy and helps me nod off.”

Hayley, Dublin



2.Try the foetal position.

“When I’ve got my flow, I lie in bed on one side with my knees pulled up as it eases my cramps and pain. It also stops me from having a leak at night which is a relief.”

Joanne, Craigavon


3. Bring a HUG to bed.

“I LOVE the HUG wraparound heat pack. It eases my tummy pain before bed and hits all the right spots, with an initial high heat followed by a soothing warmth that lasts for hours. It makes it so much easier to nod off.”

Eva, Waterford


4. Distract yourself with stories.

“At night, to distract from my cramps, I listen to the Sleep With Me podcast. The narrator tells long-winded stories in the most monotonous voice, lulling me into a slumber in no time.”

Mary, Portrush


5. Keep cool with a mini-fan.

“My mini-fan rocks my world. I tend to get very hot overnight during my period so I keep a quiet little fan on my bedside table and switch it on for short periods when I get the sweats in the night.”

Julie, Newcastle


6. Breathe deeply.

“I always feel anxious during my cycle, but it helps me to fall asleep if I take full deep breaths, picture my happy place, empty my mind and let the calm wash over me. It beats counting sheep!”

Colette, Dublin


7. Chill PMS style.

“During my period, I don’t rush to bed if I’m not ready to sleep. Instead, I put on some cosy sleepwear, wrap myself in a furry blanket and relax. Once I feel sleepy, I take myself to bed and fall asleep right away.”

Simone, Lisburn


Feeling better yet? Then go get forty winks! Sweet dreams from HUG.

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