Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions we receive about HUG - if your question isn't answered here, please get in touch.

How long does Hug's heat last?

This depends on how long you heat it for to start with, following the recommended heating time I personally like to top it up with another microwave within about an hour but results may vary depending on the power of your microwave and your personal taste for heat! The great thing is you can heat it up over and over indefinitely so you could wear it as long as you like.

How heavy is Hug?

Each pad weighs just over 600g (that's just over half a bag of sugar). Hug does not feel heavy to wear and because the inside is a soft velvet fabric it does not stick to the skin.

How hot does Hug get?

The warning indicator changes colour at 45 degrees C, at this point it is actually possible to give yourself burns if you wear any pad hotter than this against your skin for extended periods of time, but the amount of heat is somewhat left to your discretion, if you want to have it hotter you can microwave it a little longer - though we would prefer Hug is used safely at all times! Low-level heat application for long periods of time has been shown to be very effective as a painkiller, more so than ibuprofen in some studies.

What size is Hug?

Minimum size: 72cm min waist size to 118cm max this is similar to size 8 to size 24/26 in UK sizes. You can measure your waist with a measuring tape if you are unsure of sizing.

What is inside of Hug?

Hug is filled with thousands of gel pearls which create a soothing massage type feeling. The pearls are suspended in a small amount of gel liquid to help them move around freely. It is normal for this liquid to appear to condense a little when Hug is hot. 

What else can I use Hug for?

Hug is also useful for headaches (it can be cooled in the freezer) neck, shoulder and upper back pain (this is demonstrated in this video) and can be used as a local hot/ cold pack on joints and other places on the body where pain is a problem. Hug does not have to be used for pain relief and can simply be used to keep you warm on a cold day or as something warming to place your feet on! 

Where can I get a Hug?

You can buy directly from our website here, from our Amazon page and also Hug is available for sale at selected stores in UK and ROI and online. 

How long does Hug last for?

Unlike many disposable heat pads you can use Hug over and over again hot or cold. If you take good care of your Hug it can last a long time!