Coronavirus Lockdown Holiday Ideas

Top Staycation Ideas

So, we are stuck at home in the midst of Covid-19, a scenario none of us are familiar with and I think it's safe to say the novelty is wearing off. Many of our friends at Hug, are isolating themselves for health reasons and as time wears on it becomes more challenging mentally to maintain.

If you are anything like me you might be sadly daydreaming of booking a weekend getaway, a little holiday, or even a trip out for dinner. 

In the interests of sanity preservation, and helping all our friends to continue to do their bit (and protect ourselves) by staying at home, we are here to help! Here are some ideas we have dreamed up for a little stay-at-home break to help you keep your sanity and indulge in a little self-care. 


The prep.

What would you normally do to prepare for a holiday away? Even if you can manage a day or a weekend, these tips will leave you feeling refreshed. 

Don't feel you have to do everything! Cherry pick and add your own twist.

For me, half of the fun is the excitement of getting ready, like a good night out or Christmas:


  1. Choose some lovely outfits to 'pack' leave them all in one easy to access place so you can grab a lovely outfit without thinking during your break.
  2. Spruce up the house, change the bed linen, wash your dressing gown, get out your 'nice things' maybe a lovely candle you have been saving, a new pair of PJs or slippers, some aromatherapy oils, or some lovely bath things you've had since Christmas.
  3. Have some of your favourite treats on hand! Maybe do a bit of meal prep or buy some fancy ready meals, if  you enjoy a cocktail or two on holiday look up a recipe and prep ingredients for that too. 
  4. A little at home mani/pedi, maybe a leave in conditioner for your hair,  or something similar that you would treat yourself to before a break will make a world of difference!

What would you normally do on Holiday?

This is where you make the staycation your own.


Set up comfy seating, maybe somewhere you can watch the sunset, grab some headphones and listen to seaside sound or a holiday playlist while you relax.

If it's still chilly out where you are, grab a couple of fluffy blankets, a cup of hot chocolate and a warm Hug to keep the chills at bay!

Read books?

Curate a pile of your favourites, or ones you haven't had time to get to yet, place near a comfy seat to enjoy when you are ready (maybe with a nice bar of chocolate)

Spa day?

Set up the bathroom ready for a relaxing day of long baths, pampering, and maybe a facemask or two. For a more holistic twist line up some yoga or meditation videos on youtube for some deep relaxation. I highly recommend yoga with Adriene.

Go on adventures or take classes?

Can you get out on your bike for an afternoon to go to the supermarket? Maybe go for a walk nearby for some exercise and to feed the wild birds, perhaps a route you are not familiar with. Perhaps indulge in a little online shopping for something special! Cook along to a favourite youtube channel, or try a paint along Bob Ross style tutorial.

    Kicking off your break

    Time to enjoy your hard work! 

    1. The night before, take the phone off the hook, set an out of office, and enjoy a nice drink or fancy cup of tea to get things started.
    2. Enjoy a lie in, have a coffee in bed, let the sunlight into the house and put your feet up.
    3. I find music makes a massive difference, this sounds silly but if you frequent nice hotels play some background 'luxury hotel' type music, try Spa music during a pampering session, or Spanish music while you enjoy a Paella and glass of wine, you will be surprised by the difference it makes.
    4. Follow some of the similar patterns you would on holiday, slow things down, enjoy a long lazy breakfast with a croissant, go for a stroll, cosy up with a good book or magazine, enjoy drinks in the garden at sunset.


    It might not be your ideal break but we hope this helps you take care of yourself. A massive bonus is that you will have saved a lot of money that can go towards a trip when the time is right!

    Stay safe everyone. 




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