7 Easy Ways To Help You Cope With Period Pain At Work


Dealing with period pain at work can be a nightmare. Who knows when Mr P will call in for a surprise visit? He can strike at your desk, on your lunch hour or even in a big meeting. That’s why we asked women across Ireland for the period coping tips that help them get to 5pm.

Note: Always talk to your doctor about your symptoms. The following is not meant to be medical advice, these are suggestions that worked for some women and might work for you. 

1. Somehow, get yourself moving.

“Hunching over my desk makes my period cramps worse so I recommend moving around more. It stimulates the area and helps ease the pain – I do what I call my stilted penguin shuffle around the office!”

Lauren, Bangor


2. Get comfy with a HUG heat pack.

“My HUG wraparound heated pack  is magic. I pop it in the office microwave then position it on my back or stomach depending on where I need the heat the most. It works wonders on the pain.”

Emily, Newry


3. Eat healthy veggie lunches.

“I bring homemade lunches into the office. Foods that are comforting and fresh, such as veggie soups and stews, boost my energy and make my cramps less severe.”

Alana, Ballymena


4. Deep breathe between tasks.

“I use two apps – Mindfulness Daily and Breathe, which lets me do a deep breathing exercise at my desk for a few minutes. I feel like a woman in labour, but it keeps me sane.”

Grace, Belfast


5. Brew some soothing herbal tea.

 “I bring herbal tea into the office. I find a blend of camomile and peppermint works a treat. Peppermint soothes my stomach cramps while camomile is a wonderful natural relaxant.”

Naimh, Dublin


6. Get some shut-eye.

“Getting quality shut-eye helps me to cope when my period hits. I always find it so much harder to get even simple tasks done at work when my period interferes with my rest.”

Becca, Belfast

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7. Use a period tracker app.

 “I use an app called Flo to remind me when my period is due. It allows me to take painkillers before the pain gets bad. And I know why I keep starting fights with people and craving ready salted crisps!”

Amy, Limavady


Feeling better yet? Good, now go take on the day!

Do you struggle with period pains?

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 What do you use to ease your period pains in the office? Share what has worked for you in the comments below.


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